Tuesday, 10 November 2015

So hey guys it looks like the PMMB has comments disabled, at least for now, so please continue here. Philosophy in the profession.

So hey guys it looks like the PMMB aka the Philosophy Metametablog has comments disabled, at least for now, so please continue here at the Pilos. Philosophy in the profession.
An invitation: please do your talking here instead, I'd love to have you all!!!!!We want local eduction We want local eduction
update~!!!! ourfriends the pilos mmb is back as the mmmb themetametametablog and it sup at wordpress

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A poem for my father:
Big man,
My father
Owning up to wrongdoing
Moving forward as a family


  1. Someone needs to post links to this post. The Yale mess is an important example of the sort of thing PM(M)B people should be talking about.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! Going to Yale next week to investigate.

  3. Having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around some of the changes in the profession of philosophy these days. Firstly, where are discussions to be held? Secondly, how do we convince other people of our arguments? Thirdly, if the very use of logic is governed by logical conventions, then how do we justify our concepts? Fourthy, if what we believe depends on what we are interested in, how do we know what we should be interested in so that we can believe the most good things? Fifthly, if an editor of a journal asks us to revise and resubmit, what is the best way of writing the paper so that it gets published in the near future? Sixth and (hopefully!) finally, if the cost of thinking about philosophy is higher than the cost of doing science then why not just do science and let that inform our answers to life's big questions instead of getting into philosophy even in the first place? Genuinely asking here.

  4. Love the blog, but I've always wanted to know: what's the story behind the name "Pilos"? Is it short for "Pile of" something, sort of like "Heap of Link"?

    After all, what is the ontological difference between a "pile" and a "heap"? You should probably make your philosophical commitments explicit about that distinction, then at least consider changing the name of the blog to "Heapos."

    1. Thanks so much! 'Heap of link' seems to have been a modest hit: I've even seen it crop up on the metametablog quite apart from any discussion of the old Pilos.

      Regarding 'The Pilos' - I think it's short for 'philosophy' and cognates, and also short for 'Philosophy Metablog'. I think the first instance of it was on the first post here, specifically the line 'NEWF FROM LETER REPORTS AND REMINIST PILOS'. Obviously, I was typing very quickly.

      I was so pleased with the result that I added, higher up on that same post, the highlighted line 'NEW from Sanford Encyclopedia of Pilos' and then 'NEWSSS WER"E VBEING DISCUSSED AZBGAIN AT THE PILOS METAMETABLOG!!!'

      Note that it was only some time after that that we as a community took the decisive step of making 'Pilos' a name for this blog itself.

      Thank you kindly for your interest and your intelligent question. I will do my utmost to respond to any such future queries or comments at the highest peak ability. Stay tuned: things are about to get very good indeed.