Thursday, 27 July 2017

Fourteen Theses and a Thanks and Reflection

The liberal arts is the master of none iff the mash mote implies the Meridian consequent
A nightly force of news is a property we ascribe when our interests bear a certain family resemblance to what I have demonstrated thus.
My mark is not made in a utilitarian or ultimate fighting sense. I know the iron point, as it were,  but not the discursive. This became a lynch pin of generalist thought.

'Just in time' contains an asparagus predicate, if you eat it it tastes really nice. But the logic of this taste doesn't respect the boundaries between the semantic and the pragmatic. We are reduced to sending out a few samples of our decision, our delicious meal. And this is why some of the problems that have dogged this area of research are still waiting to be solved. It's really amazing when you thing about it. I have only one final statement, and this is this:

The essential metaphysical ground of the grounding relation supervenes on the structure of supervenience, once you take into account the contribution made by percolation of the metaphysical substrate of the ground. I have studies this relation in a parer inspired by Kit Fine.

Kantian diagrams were actually a part of the practise of Leibniz in the eventeenthcentury, and then you had the efforts of later thinkers to fill out what has definitely become a really beautiful picture. The big picture of diagram Kant has a wonderful substrate structure which I first saw when I took my children to the emerald conference. We're still paying off their student loans!

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A lot of people write books about pbilosophy of this and that. Well, OK, but if you have to ask, you aren't the person who is in a position to answer. And that's OK. All we can do is as it were marshall our best epistemic standards, and work towards a more rigorous and less problematic understanding. I have to thank James Brown for the sweet tunes that got me through this essay. Just kidding: I mean I founded subject-predicate logic.

I've got a proof that the a priori is coextensive. Text me for details, I'll give you (what I call) a 'rote banana' explanation,just explaining the bare bones, and/or then we could talk about the deeper philosophical details if we are able to reach some sort of understanding.

I have a roast chicken in my bag which I need to go to eat, so my 4-5 teaching load at a famous state school will have to wait. I have published a top forty list of the best colleges, and my meal of roast chicken will help you to see that. Good night people and babies and children and men and ladies and women, and I love you all. THis is a beautiful time we are living in and I want to thank you all for all of it.
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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

I love Martha Nussbaum

I'm here to drop a Nuss Bomb: I love Martha Nussbaum
Sorry to drop an F bomb, but I fucking love Martha Nussbaum.
I fucking love science but prefer Marrtha Nussbaum

Marthur Nussbaub is not Martha Nussbaum,
No I ain't gonna take any impostors
But if you think you could be Martha Nussbaum,
Well hell, I'm no-ot gonna stop ya.

Martha Nussbaum it's Martha Nussbaum,
Coming on a beautiful parade,
I can't wait till I see Martha Nussbaum,
Then I will be happy and well-behaved

Oh martha nussbaum, it's marthur nussbaum
coming tooo take meee awaaaay
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Oh muther nussborn its marther nuss baum,
Comiiiing to taaake me awaaaaay

Thank you!

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Saturday, 8 July 2017

The Results

(1) Brian Leiter: 4.05.
(2) Jason Stanley: 3.86.
(3) Jason Brennan: 3.02.
(4) Eric Schliesser: 1.02.
(5) Brit Brogaard: 3.33.
(6) Jon Cogburn: 2.86.
(7) Marcus Arvan: 1.02.
(8) Shelley Tremain: 2.03444.
(9) The Dog Whistler: 3.33
(10) Brian Weatherson: 2.03.
(11) The God Whistler: 2.22.
(12) C.D.C. Reeves: 80.
(13) Laura Kipnis: 91.2.
(14) David Chalmers: 23.1.
(15) Saul Kripke: 32.

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