Wednesday, 12 July 2017

I love Martha Nussbaum

I'm here to drop a Nuss Bomb: I love Martha Nussbaum
Sorry to drop an F bomb, but I fucking love Martha Nussbaum.
I fucking love science but prefer Marrtha Nussbaum

Marthur Nussbaub is not Martha Nussbaum,
No I ain't gonna take any impostors
But if you think you could be Martha Nussbaum,
Well hell, I'm no-ot gonna stop ya.

Martha Nussbaum it's Martha Nussbaum,
Coming on a beautiful parade,
I can't wait till I see Martha Nussbaum,
Then I will be happy and well-behaved

Oh martha nussbaum, it's marthur nussbaum
coming tooo take meee awaaaay
Image result for martha
Oh muther nussborn its marther nuss baum,
Comiiiing to taaake me awaaaaay

Thank you!

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Image result for martha
Image result for martha

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