Friday, 11 November 2016

Publishing AMAP - A guide

As my advisors always said: When you're trying to publish AMAP (as much as possible), you'll need *a* map. And that's why I'm so happy with Jason Brennan's new advice given at the beautiful Daily Nous (followup). Let me do a bit of writing practise today.

Hat tip to Jason brennan


This is where you announce your feelings and your idea.

Middle par. 1

Here you mount a beginning argument

Middle par. 2

Here you really begin to develop it

Middle par excellence
You have succeeded in your philosophy goal of argumentation

A succinct summary of everything you have written so far (no need to summarize the conclusion itself though, remember)

All my beautiful students follow these steps and one of them has published in the Journal of Philosophy. THe others will in time.


You don't have to do it the same time every time. Mix it up!
You can write one paper every month, and even if only three get published, you can keep your job.
 Look up old papers to get ideas: GE Moore, Bertrand Russell, Ethics.

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