Friday, 21 October 2016

Welcome to the new Ideas _ THe apIILOSS @

Carrying out a revolution in philosophy? Sounds good to me. I used to be a fool to the academy, wasting away writing long essays and all manner of dissertations, and then I became a better philosopher. I became a magical, and I was able to transform every work practise I saw. I got into an interesting situation at the European Philosophical Society meetings, when I spoke on 'Facts and the Law', and then I became impressed with the wonderful dinners and speakers I met there. Coming into philosophy from a math, social science background, I am hungry for more ideas when trying to conceptualize the things I need to understand in my work in both disciplines.

A student of mine once said 'Grow to observe your self while you are thinking, then you can create a future philosophy in your own mind. And when I came home to learn about philosophy, I discovered that there is a small disc inside my mind. The profession will not understand that, too busy talking about their precious feelings and all the election and stuff. I can read this diskette out using a computer if it is sufficiently old (but not too old! I can't have one of those ones taking up a whole room!), In it I will tell the profession three things. Welcome to the new ideas.
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Monday, 10 October 2016

Congratulations Justin! Daily Nous has reached it's 10000th like

At appears a congratulations is in order.

Here's the great news straight from the source:

Follow Daily Nous on Facebook & Twitter

Just a little while ago Daily Nous gained it’s 10,000th follower onFacebook.
DN also has over 5,300 followers on Twitter.
I’ve been thinking of ways to make more or better use of social media. Suggestions welcome.

As a junior philosopher, I can definitely remember first gravitating and navigating onto Daily Nous and loving the design, the ease and simplicity with which we could talk to each other, and the interesting content. I think the voting system has really been an interesting feature, showing you what everyone really thinks.

In these times it's important to remember that philosophy matters, and what better way do we have to do that than Daily Nous. Here here Justin, it's been a wonderful couple of years.
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