Friday, 21 October 2016

Welcome to the new Ideas _ THe apIILOSS @

Carrying out a revolution in philosophy? Sounds good to me. I used to be a fool to the academy, wasting away writing long essays and all manner of dissertations, and then I became a better philosopher. I became a magical, and I was able to transform every work practise I saw. I got into an interesting situation at the European Philosophical Society meetings, when I spoke on 'Facts and the Law', and then I became impressed with the wonderful dinners and speakers I met there. Coming into philosophy from a math, social science background, I am hungry for more ideas when trying to conceptualize the things I need to understand in my work in both disciplines.

A student of mine once said 'Grow to observe your self while you are thinking, then you can create a future philosophy in your own mind. And when I came home to learn about philosophy, I discovered that there is a small disc inside my mind. The profession will not understand that, too busy talking about their precious feelings and all the election and stuff. I can read this diskette out using a computer if it is sufficiently old (but not too old! I can't have one of those ones taking up a whole room!), In it I will tell the profession three things. Welcome to the new ideas.
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