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Philosophy of Plato - I Have A Degree In Philosophy

Now that which is created is of necessity corporeal, and also visible and tangible. And nothing is visible where there is no fire, or tangible which has no solidity, and nothing is solid without earth. Wherefore also God in the beginning of creation made the body of the universe to consist of fire and earth


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Philosophy of Plato
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Works and Philosophy Plato was a superb writer, and his works are part of the world's great literature. His extant work is in the form of dialogues.
The Pilos,
Don’t get me wrong, I have great respect for The Pilos blog. It is an excellent resource for our students and a tremendous service to members of the profession, both major senior figures and non-major senior figures alike.
But let’s be perfectly honest. The Pilos gets one heap of hits, at most. Not “heaps of hits.”
I must say I’m disappointed. Such exaggeration is beneath the integrity of your blog, which has now been besmirched. I think an apology is in order. I also have a list of demands, but I haven’t completed it yet. I’ll keep you posted.
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How you have felt, O men of Philosophy in the Profession, at hearing the speeches of my accusers, I cannot tell; but I know that their persuasive words almost made me forget who I was - such was the effect of them; and yet they have hardly spoken a word of truth. But many as their falsehoods were, there was one of them which quite amazed me; - I mean when they told you to be upon your guard, and not to let yourselves be deceived by the force of my eloquence. They ought to have been ashamed of saying this, because they were sure to be detected as soon as I opened my lips and displayed my deficiency; they certainly did appear to be most shameless in saying this, unless by the force of eloquence they mean the force of truth; for then I do indeed admit that I am eloquent. But in how different a way from theirs! Well, as I was saying, they have hardly uttered a word, or not more than a word, of truth; but you shall hear from me the whole truth: not, however, delivered after their manner, in a set oration duly ornamented with words and phrases. No indeed! but I shall use the words and arguments which occur to me at the moment; for I am certain that this is right, and that at my time oflife I ought not to be appearing before you, O men of Philosophy in the Profession, in the character of a juvenile orator - let no one expect this of me.

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Philosophy For All (PFA) is a London-based association of people interested in philosophy. It was founded in 1998. It aims to bridge the gap between professional and amateur philosophers, by holding talks, lectures and debates. Many of its even
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Hegel and Tuomas Tahko 
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ts are held in pubs; and others in adult 
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PHILOSOPHY - Plato - YouTube

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Oct 20, 2014 - Uploaded by The School o
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f Life
Plato was one of the world's earliest and possibly 

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greatestphilosophers. He matters because of his ...
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  1. skipping along, on a train of life
    i do philosophy, i do it with strife
    i think about all the most difficult problems
    i blink when i fall and i give good homes to dog homes

    give me philosophical theories
    and get the best stuff out and have it in your journals
    journal papers and academic philosophy, let's discover the truth!
    just using ideas and the process of thought
    i am learning more and more every time
    all things have essences and we can learn something if we try
    using good methodology and trying hard every day
    i have a number of philosophical problems left yet to solve
    and i want to get onto these tonight before i go home
    when you get on to analytic philosophy conferences
    all the articles published by your friends suddenly seem more interesting
    very good thoughts jump out and grab you
    and exciting topics are given further development

  2. Coming up for tenure tomorrow (a special weekend session has been called in for the sake of me). Hope I get to keep my job foreverandeverandvever!!!!

  3. Producing original works day and night. Working round the clock on philosophy. Having a great time solbing the problems of millenia. A large network emerges, a network of IDEAS. Philosophy comes out to the rescue, shows us those ideas, and develops and clarifies them. Beautiful! I want to do more philosophy now!

  4. O philosophy metablog, your very inanity
    Helps me keep my wandering sanity.
    Dint you know the final hour
    Of metametablog gone sour
    Was too much to bear for those who likes
    To keep safe spaces for little tykes?
    Yet still I like you make the links
    To all those continual raging finks.

    1. Thank you very much for this,
      And thank you very much for this,
      The Metablog is great for this,
      And when you see the truth in philosophy it can be a moment of bliss.

      Waking up in the morning,
      Let me think what papers I need to work on,
      I hope I can resolve issues with my father,
      And continue to do philosophy for a long time indeed.

  5. Core blights
    The palace dungeon explodes
    Wailing paeans to a lost cold cross
    Watching separate twins failing
    Like a stick in my martyr's shoes

    Caught railing at the wind
    A nightly pass solved nothing but in to more
    I was craving a fuller belt
    A weddding sarcophagus
    Gentric pines growing in my soft garden

    A couple of nights watching porridge
    One on the side, a motion chariot
    Levers and cum, documentary promenade
    A lift for my gait and a weight of my mind

    Donor's health pics
    I need a rest but I can't believe my eyes
    Donald's wealth tricks
    A firearm of costly ambulance wardens disintegrates

    I know the mindless howl of the south or the orient
    I know the way times blow
    I can't believe what I have seen this time
    But I belong back worrying in old baked goods

  6. OK guys very nice let's get back to the philosophy now please!

    For example are there numbers? I sure don't see any, but does that matter? Do they have causal power or not? And when does a person go into a time machine and stop being real? Is it just up to us? And who is the subject and who is the predicate? These may not be good questions, but we need to answer them so that's just a few to get started on. Go!

  7. We do philosophy in a new sort of way
    Sometimes with poems we can make some hay
    No numbers don't have causal powers
    But without them there'd be no showers
    Nor anything else you've come to enjoy
    Through the causal structure of the world -- ahoy!
    Truly they are indy indispensable
    And Quine to thank for us noticing the stubble.
    Why must time be backwards or forwards?
    When you find the river you'll find the fords.
    Otherwise you'll never get started
    Cause you'll not know twas you who was carded.
    As for predicate and subject and inferential rides
    I love them love them though they're on the sides
    Till my students's papers all are marked
    And I again find myself uncorked.

  8. Thanks for this blog. My research is about theory choice and decision making. I've also come up for tenure and will be flying out to six top locations with my spouse (who works in value theory). Here's hope I'm better in real life than on Skype! #sickofadjuncting

  9. All the questions I have that are not scientific are either personal or philosophical. I am not allowed to answer personal questions at my job so I pose new philosophy ones and answer them. I hope other people start using this tip.

  10. Hey everyone! I wanted to come here to talk about a project I am planning. I want to make a series of videoclips about philosophers, detailing their lives and their habits while exploring certain fundamental questions in metaphysics and epistemology. I want to do a good job if possible and could use all the help I can get. If the video clip series turns out to be good, I will post them all here and on other blogs such as NewAPPS, Leiter Reports, Philosophical Disquisitions, M-Phi, Think Tonk, Sprachlogik, Certain Doubts, the wonderful leftist blog Philosophical Percolations, and wo's weblog, pending approval by the relevant webmasters.

    1. Really hope I can join in this conversation soon if my course load permits, which of *course* it won't! Bur seriously I love teaching philosophy and every day I'm thankful that I get to do this rather than working in an office or a shop or hunter gathering. I'm not saying that's all a load of rubbish but it *definitely* wouldn't suit me!

    2. I feel like I am inside infinity tonight. It's a really great philosophy and I'd love to share it with academics. We could each take a turn to talk about what we think these things are really about, and then perform x-phi experiments to find out who is correct. Whole territories which were formerly the province of mystics and vagueness are now coming into sharp scientific focus - and I'm lovin' it!

    3. (1) Nothing has a mereological fusion.
      (2) For everything which you can think of, you can see another thing which is a group.
      (3) All groups are mereological fuctions.
      (C) There is nothing you can think of.

      How to diffuse this argument? We can drop the metaphysics of the A assumption, or develop a part logic which verifies it. A third way might be to avoid the question entirely which gives rise to the argument, but this has several problems which many philosophers have called into question over the years (me included!).

  11. COming up for tenure tonight. I have so many great papers I want to show my committee. Hey, look, this one's in the Journal of Phil. This one's in Philosophers' Imprint! And the best thing is that the arguments are solid, the theses are true but not too ambitious, and everything is in a perfect analytic style. I'm going to wow these people! If they don't give me tenure I don't know what I'll do!

  12. Taking a survey next month to see what the best topics to work on are, what the best journals are, and the state of the profession. This is something I do in addition to my work on Foucault, Frank Ramsey and the Turing text.

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