Thursday, 5 October 2017

Comparison of Philosophers, and Blogs and Websites

Plato's name is today associated with the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. This is a reputable resource, and many people have contributed to it over the years. The articles get updated and contain a lot of good information.

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The Philosopher's Cocoon is a website devoted to career objectives. It contains a wealth of discussion about these matters.
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Brian Leiter's Leiter Reports is a blog which has a lot of advertisements and influence, and he posts videos of obscure rock music. He gets cross and has big ideas about opinions of things, but he's a good blogger and academic and scholar and he looks a bit like a koala.

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Daily Nous is a regularly updated blog with news and discussion about the profession. It has a black and white design, and contains links as well as posts about a range of issues.

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APA Online has a blog, as does Oxford University Press. What is your favourite philosophy site?

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  1. I love reading philosophy on the internet. I remember when I first got my computer, I knew I could access a wealth of new information. Daily Nous is one of these sites that connects me to a wealth of knwoledge. ANd brigan leiter's blog is a wealth of information.

    Please accept my thanks for the recommedation of the philosopher's cocoon. When I have mastered the philosophy on there, I will begin to study the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.