Monday, 9 October 2017

A Counterexample

Let us give a counterpart explanation of causation. My first problem set is in the extension of F. Outlining the Frege-Mill theory, Socrates is mortal. I have to capture access problems. I have to show that there can be a model in which Socrates is true. I will go to work with the whole part in my head, the sum of which is null.

Let b be a part of itself, and let q be a part of itself. Let us consider what we get if we move to a polar framework. Moving between the biggest poles, we have a path between variables. For higher arities, our polar journeys make stops. Making stops is a matter of having a certain sort of constitution, together with a host of environmental constraints.

But this cannot be. For if the Frege-Mill theory is true, then the problem set is not in the extension of F, and Socrates may not be mortal in this scenario. Therefore our counterpart explanation has failed.

( p -> q ) is indebted to (q & ~p)
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  1. Deer sir, I believe youir "countexample" is incorrect!

    Let b be that saturated path which has the shortest distance to an x of arbitrary complexity. Now if b is a truth mole, it reads a sequence from its extension according to the rules of the binding relation. Therefore your argument is an erroneous one.

    You write "but this cannot be" - but here you modal is off. You haven't given, as it were, a customer base against which your performance can be evaluated.

    My own view is staunch reliabilist compatibilism, with a sprinkling of plenary mechanics and graph theory to round out the foundations. It's a really cool little view, and it definitely succeeds in avoiding this sort of "counterexample" you may think you have provided! I know better. But I respect you and I respect this blog. I really love this platform, and I truly mean that. For the bettermanst of mankind and all human souls, and animals, have a safe sleep after you read my objection and process its great philosophical significance! Only joking. OK< I've gotta go now and catch a bus. This comment, as they say, was too long because I did not have the time to make it shorter! Haha. OK, seriously, bye now!!