Sunday, 11 September 2016

This is a pretty head-spinning stuff. (Evolution means we can't see!)

Thanks to Justin at the beautiful Daily Nou for this truely amazing link. ANd they said science wasn't philosophy enough! An amazing evolutionary biologist is challen ging literally centuries of metaphysical theorizing with simple evoltuoin. From this great NPR article
While there clearly is a world separate from us, Hoffman says, evolution does not give us access to that. Instead, he claims, it's our interactions as conscious agents that give shape to the reality we experience. "I can take separate observers," he toldQuanta Magazine, "put them together and create new observers, and keep doing this ad infinitum. It's conscious agents all the way down."
This is a pretty head-spinning stuff. Our perceived reality has nothing to do with the world in and of itself? That's the kind of thing that's bound to piss off a whole lot of people in a whole lot of fields.
That's sraight from the horse's mouth (Frege enyone? the concept of a horse is not a concept or a horse!) at NPR. I'd love it if you had your own ideas in the comments. We're going to need to work on this one together if we are going to make any headway at all.

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  1. Really happy to see an awareness growing about this in philosophy. This is nothing less than a Sellarsian face off between the manifest image and science, and isn't science here pressuposing the very branch it is trying to cast shade on? I was going to say you be the judge, but the point is you are basically an animal who can't judge anything