Saturday, 23 July 2016

What is Your Favorite Referee Report?

TenuredAcademic writes

Hi. I was wondering what people's favorite referee reports are. Once I got a letter back from a journal (I won't say which journal it was) telling me how to write philosophy. The referee report was so incredibly rude, I almost decided to leave the profession. Three monographs and dozens of articles later, I am all glad I did not! But seriously, there is a problem here with referees and I wanted to talk to other philosophers about it to get a sense of what it's like for them, and what we might be able to do about it.

Thanks TenuredAcademic, these are wise words! And I agree that this is a conversation we need to be having. So, readers: tell us what your favorite referee report said, and some of the problems you have been having. I ask that men only comment here if they have a valid email address.

(To start you off here's a story from my career: I got all huffed up and puffed up and approached the best journal in my area, only to be told I would never amount to anything!)

UPDATE: Justin at Daily Nous has a really cool post up about the similar thing.

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