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Friedrich Nietzscne (1848-1900)

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The revaluation of all values. Nietzsche is a philosopher who has made stunning contributions to both literature and philosophy. People the world over have read his work with great interest, and go on discussing it to this day. Nietzsche is particularly clever on aesthetic, social, and moral issues. He is really a brilliant philosopher, despite what many people say. Sometimes people cannot handle his originality, and that he works with a provocative style.
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Born in Roecken, the son of a pastor and a beautiful lady, the young Friedrich Nietzsche (known as Fritz to his parents) was a clever child. His father sadly went mad and died, an ominous harbringer of things to come for the young Fritz.

Image result for explosionsBut this child was clever, and he made a group with his friends called 'Germania' where they would debut various choral and orchestral works, poetry and essays. He went to the venerable Schulpforta, where he was given a solid grounding in the classics and achieved a great deal. Upon moving to university, he went through a phase of hanging around with duellers and weird German sort of frat guys, and even got in to a bit of trouble for being under the influence after coming back from drinking beer. Bit he got his act together and had a brilliant academic career. He also served in the infantry and fell off a horse. He later hugged one late in his active life.

He had many good friends, although he was also deeply into being solitary. He sometimes had poor health. He had Carl von Gersdorff, Paul Ree, Peter Gast, and others close to him.

After becoming a professor at the young age of 24, Nietzsche continued his brilliant scholarly career in Switzerland. While his philosophical work was famously neglected during his active life, he did have a good academic career. Until, that is, he left due to ill health and became a true philosopher.

He wrote amazing books after that, I can't even begin. I have to prepare now for my day tomorrow. I love you, Friedrich Nietzsche.
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