Saturday, 22 April 2017

Lost Figures: A Look at Some Truly Amazing Philosophers

Peter SInger wrote about animals and their rights. I cats are more my thing than dogs, but I definitely understand how Singer says that dogs and cats and other animals have rights. You  see it in their eyes s (this ismy own inspired bv Singerian philosophy. It is not the idea of the man himself.)

C.I. Lewis, not David Lewis, also did very interesting modal logic.

I was reading about the modal systems S1, S2, S4 all that, and then I was thinking Who is this?. C.I. Lewis created all these modal logic systems. Ironically it was another Lewis, David Lewis, who came on to the scene with modal realism.

I had a plan to ask a well known for comment on this But I have been told I have to keep it a secret. It's a really interesting set of facts and knowledge, and I am beginning to understand their poin of view. I want to authorize a volume published by Jonothan Bennete, Crispin Wright and L.A. paul.

Creams. There are different creams. Cream of chicken, ice cream, cream cakes, sour cream. I have distinguished only a few here. I could in principle go on and on. Creams are not inherently limited to a particular number of fixed creams.

Also working on modality, modal realism has given rise to many lost figures in analytic philosophy. I am waiting to see the future.

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