Sunday, 21 August 2016

Ooooh, post title! What is a title, anyway? I don't have to do that.

Oh my god I love philosophy, it's so frigging amazing and it tastes good at first and then after it doesn't. What does that mean? Do you dig a hole? In your back yard, you mine for hydrogen.

I am a traditional, secret scholar. This is a strong, but gentle, calling. I am emerging. These are my ideas, these are the ingredients of my favourite things. This is what this sounds like, that is what that tastes like. Who is my supervisor? Who are my possum brethren? I really think it's amazing working in this discipline when you go to a conference and the biscuits are complete. Where is my profession? Well, good question. My graduate school days were spent pinning the tail on the donkey, and the ideas I am revealing when I come to the APA with a big hot roll of paper in my hand, and announce that I, an Australian, am now here in America and doing an amazing philosophy, you will say 'Wow, oh my god!'. Bonus round: I am eager to know more about the water.

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