Sunday, 28 February 2016

News in the Profession



We may be in a golden age in philosophy, doing better work than ever before. There is an article on this (I found it on the beautiful Daily Nous)

Rumfitt Moves! THe philosopher Ian Rumfitt has changed universities. (Thanks Brian!)

Rudolf Carnap is the best philosopher of science since 1945, which also came from Leiter Reports.

A great new piece of philosophy from Philpapers:

forthcoming articles
    Michela BettaSelf and Others in Team-Based Learning: Acquiring Teamwork Skills for Business.
    Team-based learning (TBL) was applied within a third-year unit of study about ethics and management with the aim of enhancing students’ teamwork skills. A survey used to collect students’ opinions about their experience with TBL provided insights about how TBL helped students to develop an appreciation for teamwork and team collaboration. The team skills acquired through TBL could strengthen job readiness for business.
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  2. ALSO: Someone in Dialectica published a paper with nothing in it and there has even been a reply!
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  1. Thanks for this. I'm also starting up a service aggregating calls for papers and stories from philosophers who have had trouble in their lives and in academia. I think it will be a great way for people to learn how to improve themselves and the profession. It's going to be called either PhilGregator or Hi-Phive. What do people think? If anyone wants to help out shoot me an email at

  2. Really enjoying the profession at the moment, and this is a fantastic set of news.

    Jonothan Schaffer recently told me he plans to quit philosophy and go into anthropology, since the human race is really what it's all about when it comes to the deep questions. This guy has done some great work in metaphysics and epistemology and I'm proud to call him my favourite philosopher (soon to be my favourite anthro)

    I like the way all our careers progress slowly and so does the profession and all the great ideas in philosophy. For example, no one knew how difficult metaethics was until the Moore argument. Now we know. Anderson told us 'Hey, counterfactuals aren't always about false antecedents. The doctor could be talking about the patient taking arsenic even if they did.' I remember this vividly and have integrated it into my own philosophical ouvre.

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  4. Great philosophy stuff happening. Some great rankings at Brian's, Sartwell has really heated up, fascinating ideas and arguments coming out of Jason Stanley, and a lot of careful texts being published on the big group blogs.

  5. I know a beautiful philosopher of race who wanted to talk to me about the changes in the profession. I had a 4-4 teaching load at the time at a small community college and I thought "God I really don't have tine for this but this could be really importantr!"

    We got together at a cafe and had chocolate ice. She and I met eyes and we both knew we had made some great points during the conversation. We decided to take our new ideas to a conference at the APA. Cut to three months ago and we've got a joint paper on all these issues - how we relate to each other, diversity, the cult of "intelligence" and brilliance, and experimental philosophy - coming out in six weeks time.This is a fantastic time to be a philosopher and all the asshats and old fashioned people will just have to deal with it. The times, indeed, are a changin'!