Sunday, 3 January 2016

Thanks again Brian + Plato's Writing + POEM FOR MY FATHER

WOW! Brian leiter, a thinker of Chicago, has done it again and blogged another link to the PILOS!!!

You've out done yourself Brian, thanks.

This is just a quick shout out to brian and all the readers.

I look "a bit" like a Koala and Brit Brogaard looks like Kant...

...according to the most unusual Metablog of all.  Amusing if a bit hard to make sense of!


  1. I have a question about publication. When you get a paper accepted, how do you know? Do they tell you or does it just come out in the journal?

    1. It depends on the tier of the journal.

      Tier one: Philosophical Review, Mind, Nous, PPR and JPhil. These guys all ask you first, but they reject more than half of all subissions.

      Tier two: Synthese, AJP, Phil. Imprint. I was a referee for both of these and we always keep our authors in the loop.

      Tier 3: Philosophia, Logique et Analyse, Dialectica: All foreign people, you'll be lucky to hear a peep out of them, but all your articles are published quickly.

      Fourth tear: Disputatio, Acta Philosophica Fennica, Logos and Episteme: Weird latinate names! I got my first paper published in Philosophy Now and they didn't tell me about it! I loved it though.

      Hope that helps